Drip irrigation,  is a method of irrigation technology that are useful to save water and fertilizer by using special pipe or tube the medium, where water flow are set to drip slowly to irrigate crops.

There are two types of drip irrigation methods:

  • The first method known as Surface Drip Irrigation, where drip pipes are placed  on the soil surface as dripped water directly targeted into the planting zone.
  • The second method known as Subsurface Drip Irrigation, where drip pipes are planted  in  ±30cm depth, enabling dripped water directly goes into the root zone.
Surface Drip Irrigation

The choices whether using surface or subsurface mainly determined by two dominant factors; costs and maintenance. In terms of procurement surface drip irrigation is relatively cheaper. Where in most cases, pipes for surface drip irrigation intended for one time usage only. However, the decision for reuse option it’s depend on the user, merely for a cost efficiency consideration.

On the other side, subsurface drip irrigation usually chosen for industrial scale sugarcane plantation, with much wider planting areas and equipped with sophisticated  water treatment and  resources aimed for long term usage and more cost-full.

Benefit of Drip Irrigation

Efficient in water usage is one of the advatanges of drip irrigation technology. For farming in an areas with limited water resources, drip irrigation application is most recommended. While, for farming in an area with huge water resources or high rainfall rates, drip irrigation still provides benefits.

Subsurface Drip Irrigation

The first one, is water supply for plants is more controllable and can be set to the plants age water supply requirement. The second benefit is, fertilizers can be distributed together with water supply through the drip pipe. In return, fertilizers consumption become 30% to 60% more efficient in comparison to other irrigation method.

Another important benefit is, drip irrigation distribute water and fertilizers evenly to every plants that produces growth uniformity. If implemented with proper planting and fertigation drip irrigation can produces much better crops yield in comparison to conventional method.

Pemanfaatan Teknologi Irigasi Tetes di Negara Lain

US, Mexico, Brazil and Australia are numbers of countries where most of thir farmers have been using drip irrigation. In those countries drip irrigation are applied in industrial scale with high level of commercial and productivity yield. While for Asian countries India and China are countries where many of their farmer communities have been utilizes drip irrigation technology.

In Sout East Asia, Thailand and Vietnam are countries where their agriculture have been utilizing drip irrigation for quite sometimes. Agribusiness and farming communities in those Asian countries have gained the benefit with better crops productivity levels.


In Indonesia, drip irrigation technology application has not been widely recognized among agribusiness and farming communities. Therefore, it requires an intensive promotion and a firm support from the authorities. The  assumption that drip irrigation requires high cost is one of the main cause. The fact that drip irrigation technology is affordable by farmers in other countries can be applied as a good example and hopefully shall wipe off negative impression as well.

Drip Irrigation