20151207-rembang-tanam-semangka-sistem-irigasi-tetes-memuaskanSumber Manis farming group of Karas Village, Sedan District of Rembang, Central Java, obtaining encouraging results of their first Melon crops harvest that utilized drip irrigation.

Planted on  an area of ± 7900 sqm, at the start, the groups were expecting to harvest an average of 8 kgs per piece with Nani dan Black Orange seeds. However, beyond their expectation, the application of drip irrigation technology happened to produce watermelons with an average weight of 10 kgs per piece.

According to the head of respective local food security agency, Dwi Purwanto, it was the advice of Suko Mardiono, the Regent of Rembang, when he found out the watermelon crops planted  in Rowosetro reservoir by numbers of farmers had produced an unsatisfactory crops yield.

For more info on the story please visit this respective website page link of Rembang Regency Administration.
source: http://www.rembangkab.go.id/ppid/berita-pemerintahan/651-tanam-semangka-sistem-irigasi-tetes-memuaskan

Drip Irrigation